A special task force was formed at the university level to focus on (3) three agendas, namely ;

Graduate Employability

Empowering Bumiputera through Higher Education

Global Presence

To achieve the agenda, the four (4) key strategies outlined in the MoHE’s Graduate Employability, Strategic Plan 2021-2025 serves as a guide for UiTM in ensuring a realistic and meaningful implementation of GRU2025 in the face of today's uncertainties.

UiTM provides widespread access to academic programmes and personalised lifelong learning programmes at all levels through its 34 campuses and digital campus facilities. Furthermore, UiTM aims to increase the employability of its graduates by boosting partnerships with industry while improving its curriculum to meet current and future demands. UiTM targets 90% of its graduates to be employable. According to a summary of the UiTM 20-year Impact Study, 84% of UiTM graduates were employed within five years of the impact study. This achievement proves that UiTM graduates are “the Most Employable Grads Among the World’s Varsities” based on the QS World University Rankings.

The recent Report and Analysis of the 2021 Graduate Tracer Study by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) showed that the employability rate of UiTM graduates is at 83%, despite facing the challenges of the pandemic. This demonstrates that UiTM's academic quality has resulted in competitive graduates.

To increase UiTM's global presence, internationalisation has been further strengthened through numerous reciprocal activities between UiTM and its international partners in the areas of academic, research, publication, and mobility programmes.

This initiative will further improve UiTM's ranking and have an impact on the quality of the university internationally.

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