Supervision and Commitment of the Vice-Chancellor

Involvement in the UiTM’s Financial Management Meeting Committee

1University's Budget Inspection Committee
[Jawatankuasa Pemeriksaan Bajet Universiti (JKPBU)]
- University's Budget Application Proposal
2Finance Standing Committee
[Jawatankuasa Tetap Kewangan (JTK)]
- Accounting Policy
- Financial Policy
- Surcharge
3Procurement Board
[Lembaga Perolehan (LP)]
- Appointment of Consultant
- Supplies and Services
- Physical Development and Maintenance
4Financial and Accounts Management Committee
[Jawatankuasa Pengurusan Kewangan dan Akaun (JPKA)]
- Auditing Report
- Statement of Management Expenses and Obligation/Liabilities
- Procurement Management Report
- UiTM Affiliated Colleges Tuition Fee Subsidies Performance Report
- Development Fund Allocation and Expenditure Statement
- Trust Fund, Research and Consultancy’s Expenditure and Obligation / Liabilities Statement
- Revenue and Payment Management Report
- Breach of Contract Report
- Statement of Advances
- Asset and Store Management Report
5Government-UiTM’s Asset Management Committee
[Jawatankuasa Pengurusan Aset Kerajaan – UiTM (JPAKU)]
- Capital Asset Management Report
6Investment Committee
[Jawatankuasa Pelaburan (JP)]
- Holdings And Subsidiaries Financial Report
- Investments Proposal
- Investment Report (Fund Managers and Fixed Deposit)

Signing of the UiTM’s Financial Statement to be sent to the National Audit Department (Jabatan Audit Negara).


No. 1-4 are based on the Vice Chancellor's Circular No. 19/2021

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